Welcome to [insert title here]~!^^ This is the hub page to my other sites:

~Sweets Meadow @ Etsy
- my shop of cute handmade plushies and accessories

~Airyu Levels Up
- my Tumblr featuring my life in sketches

~Airyu @ PoupeeGirl
- my Poupee profile and closet

~Airyu @ dA
- my main online art portfolio

~Airyu @ FA
- my online art portfolio for animal drawings

~Airyu @ LJ
- my personal livejournal (under construction)

~Airyu's Channel
- my YouTube channel; contains random videos

~Airyu @ LookBook
- my lookbook page with my favourite outfit snaps

~Airyu @ GaiaOnline
- my Gaia profile; I no longer post, but this is where "Airyu" was created

~2 Wrongs
- an online fantasy/action/drama graphic novel (currently on hiatus)

Please enjoy, and thank you.^^